Become Crew

How It Works:

A sailboat is an expensive floating home. Just like a home on land, a boat requires periodic maintenance and repairs to ensure safety and comfort. When every aspect of the boat is in perfect cosmetic and mechanical working order, the boat is ready to sail at a moments notice. NO STRESS will never compromise the safety of the ship so money is spent to ensure all is up to date and ready to go. So how does Alex cover these costs?

Alex has come up with a plan to help share the expense while offering an opportunity of a lifetime. Because NO STRESS is a big boat, he has room for crew! The idea is simple. Alex invites crew aboard who love to dive.  Together they sail to remote islands in search of diving perfection! For a reasonable fee, a crew member comes aboard and joins the adventure.

Sharing Responsibility While Living Aboard

Living aboard NO STRESS requires general upkeep, taking watch shifts, cooking/cleaning, and general tidying of the cabin and deck. As crew you’ll be expected to partake in the rotation of these duties. It’s a working boat, not an all inclusive luxury resort! This doesn’t mean that you won’t have a great time, it just means that you’ll be part of the crew with all its duties and benefits.  Simple, right? The rewards are undoubtedly worth the effort.

Crewing Duration:

Crew members on NO STRESS are welcome to live aboard  for as long as a year! You can also come and stay for as little as 1-3 months. There’s many logistics involved with picking up crew so you’ll definitely want to stay for as long as possible to maximize your experience. Also, because we’re sailing, weather can sometimes effect departure and arrival times. For this reason, you should kick off your flip-flops and stay a while!

How to Join:

A simple inquiry could change your life! Take time to think about your priorities and consider going for a trip of a lifetime. Alex needs crew which could very well be you!

Start the conversation by reaching out to Captain Alex. Go to the “Contact Alex” page in the menue or write at explaining what you’d like to gain from joining the crew and highlight your diving and/or sailing experience to help qualify you for the trip.

From there, you’ll have a face-to-face video chat with Alex to better get acquainted. If it seems like a good fit for all, you’ll discuss duration,  scheduling and the cost of your trip. For trips of 2 months or more, Alex’s recommondation is to have a two weeks trial trip prior to a longer engagment to find out how happy everyone is to live on the boat and with the crew that is on board already. The ultimate goal is to have a real good time together. Contact Alex! 


Deciding to join our adventure could be the best decision of your life. Memories are made by going out and doing things. We want to meet the folks who are ready to jump aboard and sail forward to dream locations. NO STRESS is a chance to be on/in the water and have experiences that you’ll never forget! START NOW!